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( 2006.03.23 21:07 )
The Canon EOS 5D Capture One HiSat & LoSat replacement profiles have been released!
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( 2005.10.01 12:00 )
The Canon EOS 350D/Digital Rebel XT Capture One HiSat & LoSat replacement profiles have been released!
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( 2005.04.06 14:08 )
After a long period of development and beta-testing we have finally decided to release our first Nikon DSLR profiles. The initial release covers profiles for the Nikon D1X, D100 and D70. We are also working on profiles for the Nikon D2H, which are scheduled to be released next week, and also for the new Nikon D2X, which we hope to release as soon as the Capture One software supports the camera.
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( 2005.03.07 13:39 )
For some reason has started blocking most emails originating outside US domains. Several of you have a free profile upgrade waiting for you at the Etcetera Self-Service Center, while others have a special price upgrade to revised profiles.
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( 2005.02.25 12:21 )
The new Etcetera Self-Service Center has already become very popular. Too popular, it seems... The amount of traffic it generated was probably a major factor in bringing down our web server this Wednesday evening. We decided to relocate the site to another physical server, but there might be some delays (normally not more than 24 hours) before all DNS/Name Servers around the world sees the new IP addresses. The forum user database is now also restored.

The new Etcetera Self-Service Center web module is only available for existing customers, and all future orders will also be served from this page. It contains one page per customer, where you can at any time request time-limited download links for your products and upgrades. This also marks the end of sending products as email attachments. Only the Canon D30, D60, 10D and 300D profiles were recently updated, and none of the others will be so in the near future.
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( 2005.02.22 15:15 )
The Canon D30, D60, 10D and 300D upgrades to version 2 profiles are ready!

All customers that bought their D30, D60, 10D or 300D profiles after April 1st, 2004 - will automatically find that the V2 profiles are free for them at the Self-Service Center. Those who bought before that date, gets the option of buying the upgrade for $9.95 from the Self-Service Center.

All orders shipped for those cameras from now on will only contain the new V200 profiles. The order pages for the different cameras already delivers V2 profiles:
Canon EOS D30 D60 10D 300D
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( 2005.02.01 23:00 )
The Canon EOS 1DS MKII Capture One HiSat & LoSat replacement profiles have been released!
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( 2005.01.27 15:00 )
The Canon EOS 20D Capture One HiSat & LoSat replacement profiles have been released!
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( 2005.01.18 00:54 )
Phase One have just released version 3.6 of Capture One. We have been preparing a lot of upgrades to existing profiles in addition to several new profiles for this version, but it\'ll take a few days before they are ready to ship.
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( 2004.12.03 09:12 )
After a long period of focus on mostly other things, we hope to be releasing all the promised updates and upgrades to the Capture One camera profiles within a month or two (V2 and V1.6 for Canon, V2 for all promised Nikons). The final betas are going out to the beta teams next week (starting on Monday the 6th. of December), and as soon as they are done we will start the shipments.
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( 2004.06.21 01:24 )
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( 2004.05.28 23:51 )
Phase One A/S has just released a new version of the Capture One software, now at version 3.5 All existing Etcetera Capture One profiles still works just as before, and they still produce the exact same colors with your images with the new V 3.5 software. But - this new release incorporates some new concepts for Capture One camera profiles, and over the weeks and months to come there will be some changes to some of our profiles...
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